Saudi Colours is a Saudi website established in 2012 with the purpose of presenting the various tourist, natural, and archeological sites of Saudi Arabia.

  While we currently do not have the pages translated into English, we hope that in the near future we can increase the accessibility of the site for English speakers.

  We welcome any suggestions from our readers on the content of the website.  We would also appreciate readers directing our attention to other locations in the Kingdom that we have not yet covered.

    Keeping in mind that the information, pictures, observations, and stories are all the product of our experiences during our travels, we kindly request readers to reference our website when using or reproducing any of the website's content.

  As a government accountant and a travel/ruins enthusiast, I am lucky to have my wife, who is an anthropolgy lecturer at Dar Al Hekmah College in Jeddah, as my traveling partner for the past four years. While there is still much more to explore in this vast land, we hope that the Arabic site and the future English site will help you to experience the same excitement and appreciation we have experienced in our travels.

    To reach us or for any suggestions or similar experiences, send us an email at:


        Wael Qassim & Sarah  Ann Swick

Resources we used during our travels:

“Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula” , Lonely Planet, 2nd Edition & 3rd Edition.

The various pamphlets of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquity.

Readers’ recommendations from

“Desert Treks from Jeddah” , Patricia Barbor, Stacey International 1996

“Off-Road in the Hejaz”, Patrick Pierard & Patrick Legros, Motivate Publishing 2001

“Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, facts and numbers” Arabic copy of the  Saudi Geological Survey, First print, 2012.

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